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FIFA World Cup 2014 Timetable in Indian Time, PDF Download of Schedule in IST

The FIFA World Cup 2014 will be held from June 12 to July 13. Brazil will be the hosts of the 20th edition of football’s biggest showpiece event in the world. A total of 32 teams will participate in the FIFA World Cup 2014.

>> A total of 12 venues will host matches in the FIFA World Cup 2014 throughout Brazil. The first match will be played between hosts Brazil and Croatia on June 12 in Sao Paulo. The final will be played in Rio de Janeiro on July 13.

>> In total, 64 matches will be played during the course of the FIFA World Cup 2014. The group phase will see 48 matches being played. There are eight groups with four teams each. All the teams will play three matches in the group phase. The top two teams will qualify for the Round of 16s. The last match of the group phase will be played on June 26. The knock-outs begin from June 28. The quarter-finals will begin on July 4 while semi-finals will be played on July 8 and 9. The third-place play-off is on July 12. The final of the FIFA World Cup 2014 will be played on July 13.

Download as PDF- Link 1 & Link 2

FIFA World Cup 2014 schedule & time table
Date     Match No             Match                  Group                Venue     Time (IST)
13.6.14     1              Brazil vs Croatia                 A               Sao Paulo     1:30 AM
13.6.14     2              Mexico vs Cameroon          A               Natal     9:30 PM
14.6.14     3              Spain vs Netherlands         B               Salvador     12:30 AM
14.6.14     4              Chile vs Australia               B               Cuiaba     3:30 AM
14.6.14     5              Columbia vs Greece           C            Belo Horizonte     9:30 PM
15.6.14     6              Uruguay vs Costa Rica        D              Fortaleza     12:30 AM
15.6.14     7              England vs Italy                 D              Manaus     3:30 AM
15.6.14     8              Ivory Coast vs Japan           C              Recife     6:30 AM
15.6.14     9              Switzerland vs Ecuador       E              Brasilia     9:30 PM
16.6.14     10            France vs Honduras             E          Porto Alegre     12:30 AM
16.6.14     11   Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina     F          Rio de Janeiro     3:30 AM
16.6.14     12            Germany vs Portugal            G            Salvador     9:30 PM
17.6.14     13             Iran vs Nigeria                    F            Curitiba     12:30 AM
17.6.14     14             Ghana vs USA                    G             Natal     3:30 AM
17.6.14     15            Belgium vs Algeria                H         Belo Horizonte     9:30 PM
18.6.14     16             Brazil vs Mexico                   A           Fortaleza     12:30 AM
18.6.14     17          Russia vs Korea Republic          H            Cuiaba     3:30 AM
18.6.14     18         Australia vs Netherlands            B           Porto Alegre     9:30 PM
19.6.14     19             Spain vs Chile                      B       Rio de Janeiro     12:30 AM
19.6.14     20           Cameroon vs Croatia               A             Manaus     3:30 AM
19.6.14     21           Columbia vs Ivory Coast           C                Brasilia     9:30 PM
20.6.14     22               Uruguay vs England             D           Sao Paulo     12:30 AM
20.6.14     23             Japan vs Greece                   C               Natal     3:30 AM
20.6.14     24                Italy vs Costa Rica              D               Recife     9:30 PM
21.6.14     25                Switzerland vs France          E            Salvador     12:30 AM
21.6.14     26               Honduras vs Ecuador            E             Curitiba     3:30 AM
21.6.14     27                  Argentina vs Iran              F      Belo Horizonte     9:30 PM
22.6.14     28                   Germany vs Ghana           G          Fortaleza     12:30 AM
22.6.14     29           Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina     F             Cuiaba     3:30 AM
22.6.14     30                 Belgium vs Russia               H      Rio de Janeiro     9:30 PM
23.6.14     31                Korea Republic vs Algeria     H       Porto Alegre     12:30 AM
23.6.14     32                    USA vs Portugal             G             Manaus     3:30 AM
23.6.14     33                  Netherlands vs Chile          B           Sao Paulo     9:30 PM
23.6.14     34                 Australia vs Spain              B             Curitiba     9:30 PM
24.6.14     35                    Cameroon vs Brazil          A              Brasilia     1:30 AM
24.6.14     36                    Croatia vs Mexico            A               Recife     1:30 AM
24.6.14     37                      Italy vs Uruguay            D                 Natal     9:30 PM
24.6.14     38                    Costa Rica vs England       D     Belo Horizonte     9:30 PM
25.6.14     39                     Japan vs Columbia           C              Cuiaba     1:30 AM
25.6.14     40                      Greece vs Ivory Coast     C            Fortaleza     1:30 AM
25.6.14     41              Nigeria vs Argentina                F       Porto Alegre     9:30 PM
25.6.14     42            Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran         F            Salvador     9:30 PM
26.6.14     43               Honduras vs Switzerland         E             Manaus     1:30 AM
26.6.14     44               Ecuador vs France                E     Rio de Janeiro     1:30 AM
26.6.14     45              Portugal vs Ghana                 G                Brasilia     9:30 PM
26.6.14     46                 USA vs Germany                G                Recife     9:30 PM
27.6.14     47             Korea Republic vs Belgium        H           Sao Paulo     1:30 AM
27.6.14     48                Algeria vs Russia                  H     Curitiba     1:30 AM

Brazil vs Croatia 2014 Highlights Video in English Commentary - FIFA World Cup 2014 Goals

Brazil vs Croatia was the first match of FIFA World Cup 2014. There were four goals in the match, you can watch Highlights Video in English Commentary now. Many soccer or football fans want to watch Brazil vs Croatia 2014 Highlights Video in English Commentary, so you can watch the official video in high definition in the below given link if available... If not it will be soon updated.. stay tuned to the match.. Brazil has won against Croatia with three goals to one goal. i.e. 3-1.

FULL STORY - Brazil vs Croatia 2014 Highlights Video in English Commentary

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Singing Competetion The Voice 2015 Auditions USA Final Dates

The Voice 2015 auditions USA has been announced by the officials today. The Voice is one of the popular singing reality show in USA with people from many cities and states participating in it. The voice show started way back in 2011 and has grabbed attention of many viewers in just three years

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Soccer World Cup TV Schedule 2014 USA Cities and State Wise Time Table

Football World Cup 2014 will be held in Brazil this time, the Soccer World Cup 2014 starts from 12 June 2014 and ends on 13 July 2014. This time USA (United States of America) is placed in Group G along with Germany, Portugal and Ghana.

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American Idol Auditions 2015

Auditions American Idol season 14 has been started after the official announcement from the show makers on their website. American Idol is the number one reality show in USA and it has been rated most popular singing show in the world. American Idol season XIV auditions will kick off on 18th June 2014 in Minneapolis, MN.

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